House renovation can be done for many reasons such as: Aesthetic renewal, deteriorations - damages, new ownership status, improvement of functionality or aesthetics, or even the sanitary conditions of living and safety of the occupants. 

Shop renovation can be requested for reasons such as: Renewal, new license, change of owner, change of legal framework and specifications, competition etc.

A successful refurbishment, must be done by a competent engineer, through a careful planning. It should also be carried out by experienced and specialized crews under direction and supervision. The materials that will be required have to be carefully selected, to meet specific standards, to be certified, and have a human-friendly composition, free from harmful ingredients and toxic substances. The use of innovative materials, raises the level and "gives extra points" to final result.

It is also important for the cost to be properly budgeted and constantly controlled during the work progression. The time parameter, it is  also crucial, so it is important to have the right and detailed timeframe analyzed, to have a written and realistic work scheduled and  care to be taken  by the supervising engineer so as to keep track of the Renovation process. 

All these, combined with imagination, knowledge, trust and boldness, for a refurbishment that is properly implemented, qualitative, original, pleasant and attractive, with a strong personality and style. That is indeed a very successful renovation.