Unauthorized building arrangements (Building made without the proper Building Permit)

The Unauthorized building arrangements (Builiding made without the proper Building Permit) is an option of the State to manage the original Greek phenomenon of arbitrary existence, which, of course, was made with the tolerance or implicit complicity of people representing the State or were in key state positions and had power. The matter is serious, and any owner of an unauthorized building, will regulate the arbitrariness of his property, self-imposed or obligatory, it is a good idea to know that the choice of an engineer is a critical factor in the successful and legitimate outcome of his case, because:

1) everything has to be imprinted and surveyed correctly as well as designed correctly with seriousness and accuracy 

2) the time of construction of each arbitrary must be proven 

3) "smart" and "disregard" or "concealment" (see paragraph 4) 

4) Plans are required. They will be submitted to the system electronically (topographic diagram, in many cases Coverage Sheet, Floor Plans of All, Layers Section) 

5) the issue of static control due to the latter law is very serious 

6) sooner or later, all cases (case files-declarations) will be checked by Building Controllers. If errors, deliberate actions, concealments, unsubstantiated moves, incomplete or fictitious evidence or mistakes are discovered, the competent Building Service revokes the file, repays the amounts paid back to the owner and imposes a fine much higher than the original. This gives a start to a multi-year discomfort with the involvement of the Building Service, the Tax Service (D.O.Y), the unauthorized building committees, the Superior Architectural Council (S.I.P.O. THA) etc. and of course the expenses run freely.

Therefore, the choice of the engineer to be regulated, is not only a matter of price but also a matter of quality, correctness, completeness and "good accounts" (eg clarification has to be made if the price includes the drawing up of plans and their delivery to the client and when this is agreed to be done - , these are self-evident and obligatory, but not always included in the first bidding price).