Static and antiseismic studies of buildings and structures

In order to make, place and keep safely a construction in space and time, a static study is required, which will determine the sections, dimensions, quality and quantity of materials as well as specifications for the details of erection.Consindering for example, in a building,  its architecture, it is the responsibility of the civil engineer to form the static structure, the frame and to design it precisely so that the building is stable, safe and able to carry the loads for which it is designed.

Because our country is in a highly earthquake region, the civil engineer is required to design the construction so that it can receive the seismic loads (as provided by relevant regulations for each area) safely and in such a way that not only to remain intact, but also in case of overrun of the design prices, the users can be safely get out in open space. 

To do this, we are currently using specialized computer programs with finite elements analysis that result in solving thousands of multi-parameter equations and then, with the use and help of designing programs the manufacturing choices and the results are transformed and transfered on the paper.