Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy of our office is shaped by a dynamic and continuously evolving field that combines:

  • Forefront 
  • Imagination 
  • Daring composition and design 
  • Innovation Functionality 
  • Detailed and in-depth understanding of traditional raw materials and techniques 
  • The use of industrially produced, proven and innovative as well materials 
  • Respect for all the materials used and deep knowledge of their properties 
  • Continuous information in both theoretical and construction held, but also materials information
  • Technology
  • Years of experience in the field of design and construction 
  • Specialized knowledge in the dynamic analysis of the structures 
  • Potentiality and capability of Holistic Management of technical projects (Ownership, Land registration and implementation documents, surveying landmark and vertical ownership recommendations, General and New Building Regulations, photorealism, three-dimensional imaging, static, earthquake, foundations, supervision and construction supervision, project monitoring and Project Management Analysis Economic analysis, time scheduling, engineering consultancy services, land and real estate development, real estate appraisal and evaluation, special issues)
  • The unobstructed orientation towards quality and safe construction 

with the ultimate goal of producing the optimal desired result that will be reflected in a work result with its own personality and its own distinct style, referring to the beauty of its uniqueness. 

Our office is staffed by experienced and acclaimed engineers and employs, competent and efficient construction workshops, which are constantly controled.

Why to choose our office?

Our goal is not simply to create a project or to realize an investment, but to turn ideas, dreams, knowledge, abilities, possibilities and vision into a of functional, safe, friendly, beautiful, authentic material. 

The final result is not what will simply house people and their activities, but what additionally, will give them security, beauty, satisfaction, comfort, functionality and will eventually structure the conditions required for the flowering of their emotions and their own lives.

How do we make a home? 

  1. With the design staff of our associates, we set up a meeting with the employer. 
  2. We discuss with the customer what he has in mind, what he wants, how he thinks about it, what his specifications are. We see his character and through dialogue, we try to make a rough psychological profile and trace some critical elements of his personality. 
  3. We look at the available piece of property, the area, the rest of the environment, structured or not, the climate, the specific conditions, the general morphology, the seismicity of the area, and all the necessary parameters, until we have an overall picture of the work and the space.
  4. We consider the terms and limitations of the construction area, the conditions that apply to the specific place and all the town planning parameters, necessary for the best realization of our proposal. 
  5. Then we design the house, the spaces, the functions, the shape, the volumes, the proportions, the style, the personality we want to give, the individual morphological and architectural elements, the structure, the energy behavior. We print it both on the computer and on the paper. 
  6. We call on the employer again and present our proposal. We explain in detail, we show "how" and "why", we give answers and at last through fruitful and contsructive discussion, we identify any points that could be differentiated. Finally, we agree with each other on the necessary changes. 
  7. We re-study the work on the basis of the new data and come to an end with our final proposal. 
  8. A new meeting follows, where we finalize the proposal, which from now on is taking its course. 
  9. We do theremaining studies: static, antiseismic, mechanical and submitt them to the competent Building and Planning Authority.
  10. The Building Permission is issued and then it is decided when the works will commence. 
  11. The project starts under the supervision of our office and the course of works continues, always in close cooperation with the employer, until it is over. 

The goal is the project to be as we have imagined it and as we have designed it and agreed to, in compliance with all technical and scientific specifications, that will be thoroughly tested so as to produce a functional result aesthetically superior, going beyond of the desired level Security. 

Success for us is the customer's satisfaction and ours also.

Each project is treated as a challenge. We draw satisfaction from its design to its final realization. The contact is so close that we literally feel it as a "child", after it has come out of our viscera and we have taken care of it throughout its development, until the time comes for it to stand alone in space and time, in light and dark, in wind and rain, in peace and earthquake. 

Prime importance for our office is that each project has its own unique, unpretentious and intense personality, which emerges so effortlessly and naturally, that everybody who comes to face it, to stop, to feel that someone has given his best, to admire it, to feel it's light and say to himself  that: "At last, there are buildings worthwhile, different, original, with style and imagination, buildings that something inexplicable makes you want to stand and see them and to converse tacitly with them. 

Yes, because every building, every house, for us has a soul!