Article 1: The Discontent Person of the State

The theme of the title refers to widely phenomena and events of the so-called "crisis", known more or less. Here, I will refer to two seemingly innocent but very serious issues, with which, sooner or later, we all come in contact. The public is informed only for what some people choose to release into the public while substantive issues, are silenced deliberately and thoroughly.

Land Registry. I leave aside the sloppiness, the great tolerances, the use of basis without ground measurements and much more. Our State, runs a land registry without first making a Forest Registry and Forest Maps! But if you have common sense, you first clear up what forest is and what not, and then you talk about property rights. You first establish the Public Property and then you discuss about the ownership of what is left. 

The Forest Maps, as they are directly linked to the constitutional obligation to protect the country's land (Articles 24 (1) and 117 (3) of the Constitution) of a forestry nature, are subject to the right of Application for annulment. The E Section of the Council of State sets six new questions to the Administration before deciding on the annulment of Ministerial Decisions on Cadastre and Forest Maps (new December 6, 2017 was set aside), while reiterating that the development of Forest Maps and Forest Registry had to and must precede the completion of the land register. What's more normal than this!

Unauthorized Buildings. We have a State that takes revenge on those who have came on time to declare their arbitrariness from 2013 to today, greatly reducing the fine to those who make a statement with the new law and, in fact, they give a "bonus" 20% discount if they do so up to 8 December. On the one hand, the deadlines are all over and the propaganda intensifies in order to make the citizens to arrange now and on the other, the extensions are given one after another. Politicians, when they want to change completely the rules altogether, leave the existing law that they want to "get rid of" to expire and "conceal" another. This, in turn, will have a "deadline" of it's own unless "otherwise defined by Ministerial Decision". 

Meanwhile, since last October 2016, no one has volunteered to regulate  violations on his property and reasonably, because since then there have been a declares on purpose of much lower fares with the new law. The new law was given a public consultation in October 2016. He was "cooked" since May 2017, it was announced to be published then, but it took another extension until July 2017, and the text we are seeing today to be voted, is different, because Meanwhile, new ideas and political decisions have taken place.

The State is represented by democratically elected and derived citizens, so "the officials" are a miniature of society itself. Communication is very good at saying what they want to do, but eventually they "do what they want", mainly for collecting money and votes. They have turned to to an "arbitrarily acting" Authority that proclaims the end of "disorganizing" and (among others) the operation of the Land Registry in National Level and the confrontation of the arbitrary. Perfect in terms of intent. Rightly. We all agree. Where the thing lapses, it's on how. Inconsistent in their declarations, they remain followers of foreign decision centers but also of local rush and slander. When does anyone take the risk of talking clearly, even if it is not profitable? But when he attaches greater importance to geeneral interest than his own individual and at the same time, when consciously chooses not to be self-conscious. 

1. Decision No 1203/2017 of the Council of Ministers and 4 decisions (805-808 / 2016) by the Greek Communist Party