George Rouskas

Civil Engineer

George Rouskas, civil engineer of NTUA, has been active in the field of studies, design and construction since 1986. In his many years of experience are included: 

  • Technical Design Studies 
  • Building Permits Issue 
  • Static and antiseismic studies of a variety of building projects 
  • Supervision of construction works 
  • Study of repairs and construction aids affected by an earthquake 
  • Company Advisor on Special Projects, Investments etc 

He provides high level integrated and modern services. 

His office assumes: 

  1. Building Permits - Building Authorization
  2. Static and antiseismic studies of buildings and structures 
  3. Holistic management of technical projects (study, design, supervision, construction) 
  4. Unauthorized building arrangements (Βuilding made without the proper Building Permit) 
  5. Estimation of damages
  6. Repairs-Reinforcements of damaged or weak structures or constructing
  7. Building capacity 
  8. Real Estate Estimations 
  9. Professional Expertise in the field of construction
  10. Expertise Static issues 
  11. Issues of Implementation in city Plans
  12. Topographic Operations, Land surveying, etc
  13. Cadastrate
  14. Renovations
  15. Special Urban Issues, etc
  16. Certificates