Real Estate Estimations

In this field, the role of experienced civil engineer is crucial and decisive, because his opinion, that he is called to express, has a positive or negative affect in every purchase or sale.

The engineer is called after an investigation he has to make decide on a property (eg apartment):

  1. If it is legally constructed, if there are unauthorized parts or in total itself. In that case, it will be necessary to take place further arrangements to get the proper Building Permit or to legalize the unauthorized parts.
  2. Whether it is constructive efficient or if it has defects-disadvantages, damages, hidden damages, failures 
  3. If there are any other problems: in the construction (if the building conditions and possibilities have changed in the meantime), in its future integration into the City Plan, in its relationship with neighboring constructions or properties, etc. 
  4. Whether its value will be affected by close by structures or land uses. 
  5. If there is a plan for changes in land use in the future 
  6. If in a future resale will be able to keep its value or else what is estimated to be happened
  7. If the price requested is reasonable and, if not, a documented valuation is given.

It is clear that in every deal, not only a lawyer's inquiry it's important and necessary but a lawyer's and engineer's inquires, in close collaboration, as well,  in order to ensure both the buyer and the seller.